Our Customer Service Promise

Working together to provide outstanding library service

At Okanagan Regional Library, we are committed to providing an exceptional library experience to all our customers across all our communities.

The ORL provides for learning, innovation, creativity and a connected community through our library resources, programs, spaces, and services. We aim to provide access-for-all to library services by minimizing barriers and providing outstanding customer service.

ORL Staff and Leadership will:

  • Provide welcoming, professional, knowledgeable, and exceptional customer service
  • Provide equal access to information, entertainment, services, and programs
  • Provide welcoming and inclusive library spaces
  • Leverage the strength of a regional library systems to provide a diverse, high-quality collection of library resources, programs, and services to all our communities regardless of size
  • Protect customer privacy

We ask our customers to:

  • Respect the rights of all library customers to enjoy your common library spaces
  • Ensure the care and safety of your children while visiting the library
  • Be courteous and respectful of other library users and library staff
  • Follow library policies and procedures, including the Rules of Conduct, and provide appropriate feedback to library staff if policies and procedures are presenting barriers for you
  • Treat all library materials, resources, and spaces with care