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Three books, playing cards, dog stuffy, dice, and other components from the Vision Tech Kit.

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About the kit 

The Vision Tech kit is a hands-on way for people of all ages to explore different tools and technology used by people with low vision to better experience the world.  These kits:

  • help you explore and learn about the world as someone with low or limited vision.
  • explore different ways to read or play activities and games.
  • try out technology that people use to maneuver their world.


  • Stand Magnifier: uses a lens mounted to a flat surface to magnify print or other items hands-free.
  • Handheld Magnifier: a smaller version used for reading text like a book, a letter, etc. It is small enough to be carried easily but they are not hands-free.
  • Large Print deck of cards: these playing cards have super large icons that allow those with vision loss to continue playing their favourite card games.
  • Tactile Dice: a set of dice that can be used by touch for various games. These dice were 3D printed in our [ORL Makerspaces].
  • C-Pen ReaderPen: a device used to read print audibly to readers. After sliding the ReaderPen across a line of text it will read it out loud. The ReaderPen is also useful for people with dyslexia and English Language Learners.
  • Colourblind lenses: used to help some people with Red/Green colour blindness see colours.
  • Eye Condition Simulator Glasses: a set of glasses that simulate various types of vision loss.
  • Guide Dog Stuffy: information on how to properly interact with guide dogs.
  • Books: Stories help us understand different perspectives of our world. These books share different ways of experiencing the world.
  • Instruction/Activity Cards: these 8.5" x 11" laminated cards provide instructions on how to use these items and include an activity to help you interact with the items in this kit.

Additional Resources

Books, stories, and resources on negotiating the world with low vision.

Community Resources for People with Low Vision

Books for Adults about Low Vision

Teen Books about Low Vision

Books for Children about Low Vision



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