Exams in the Library

Distance Ed Student? Need to take a FOODSAFE exam? 

Many library locations can let students take their exams there. This is called exam invigilation, where someone formally supervises your test taking.

Ask your local library to see if they can help. Not all library locations are set up to help with exams. You can also ask your school for a list of other places where you can take exams. 


Here are the general guidelines you need to follow if you want to take exams at the library: 

Plan your exam

  • You need to have a library card if you live in the Okanagan region. Visitors don't need one.
  • Arrange the exam with library staff at least one week before you plan to take your exam. Check with your library branch to confirm if they need more than one week's notice.
  • Get permission from the library before you tell your school that you're taking the exam there.
  • You will need to show ID when you take the exam.

Exam Formats

  • You can take written exams at the library; students who need to take oral exams must find alternate invigilation sites.
  • Online exams shorter than 60 minutes can be taken on library computers. Note that public computers automatically disconnect users after 60 minutes.
  • If your online exam is more than 60 minutes, you may need to use your own laptop/device, as approved by your school or institution. Check with your library branch to confirm time limits for exams.

Important Notes

  • You can only take exams during regular hours. You need to start early enough so you can finish before the library closes. 
  • Library staff can't watch you closely during the exam or check the time for you.
  • You don’t have to pay the library for invigilating your exam, but you will need to pay for the cost of printing out emailed exams (0.25 cents per page), or buy a courier/postage envelope if it is to be mailed back and your school or institution does not provide one to you.

Make sure you know these rules and follow them. Good luck with your exams! 

Using the library