Exams in the Library

Exams in the library are a limited service

The ORL is unable to offer invigilation services at all of its library branches. Please contact your local branch directly to see if they can set up invigilation. You can also contact your school for a list of alternative proctors.

Take your exams in the library

Many branches are able to accommodate students wishing to write exams in the Library.

Exam invigilation (formal supervision), may be available, provided the conditions required for it can be can be met without causing disruption to normal library staffing and service levels.

Read our Exam Service Guidelines below, then contact your nearest library branch to ask if the ORL can support your needs.


Exam Service Guidelines

To write an exam, students currently residing the Okanagan must hold a valid ORL card. Visitors are exempt.

Students must give ORL staff one week’s notice that they intend to write an exam. Shorter term bookings may be accommodated based on availability of space and staff for supervision.

The availability of exam invigilation services varies from branch to branch, and are dependent on open hours, staff time and space limitations. The Okanagan Regional Library requires that students contact their nearest library branch for approval before listing the library with their educational institution. Limits regarding the scheduling of exams lie with library staff and must be adhered to by students wishing to write exams in ORL library branches.

Invigilation services are provided for written exams. Online exams up to 60 minutes can be written on public library computers. Please note that public library computers automatically disconnect the customer after 60 minutes.

Online exams over 60 minutes must be taken on a laptop/device provided by the student, subject to approval from the educational institution. Online exams cannot be taken on staff computers.

Students needing to take oral exams must find alternate invigilation sites.

Exams may only be written during regular library hours, and must be scheduled early enough in the day to allow for the full exam to be written while the library is open.

Library staff cannot guarantee that the exam writer adheres to conditions that would require them to maintain surveillance, time keeping or any other form of policing.

Exams that are not completed within the time specified by the educational institution will be returned immediately after expiry of the time specified. Other exams that are not completed within 90 days of receipt will be returned to the educational institution.

The ORL does not charge fees for exam invigilation, but students are responsible for any fees or charges associated with the exam, including postage and courier fees. If the educational institution emails the exam to the library, students are responsible for any printing charges. The student must be prepared to pay these fees at the time the exam is written.

As availability of invigilation services varies from branch to branch, library branches that are not able to provide this service will endeavor to provide information about other local invigilation facilities. Arranging to write exams at these facilities is the responsibility of the student. 

Students may be required to present picture identification prior to writing the exam.

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