STEAM @ the Library

Looking for fun and educational STEAM activities you can do at home?

You can find activities incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) created by our library staff. 

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Newsletter & Activity of the Month

Read our STEAM Newsletters for a ton of library recommended STEAM activities, podcasts, programs and more for all ages! PLUS get printable instructions for one very special ORL original Activity of the Month. Each month we’ll take you on a STEAM adventure. There’s something here for everyone!


Newsletter: Let's Invent! [PDF]

Activity: Science - Magical Dancing Snakes! [PDF]

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Online Events

Coding Club

Register Online | Thursdays | 5:30 to  6:30 PM | Ages 8 to 12+

Online Coding Club is a fun and interactive coding program for young coders. We learn, create, develop and play together!

Intro to Coding Club: First-Timers

Register online  | Thursdays | 5:00 to  5:30 PM 

First time to Coding Club? Don't worry! Intro to Coding Club is here for you. We will show the development platforms and familiarize you with the coding tools, so you will be excited, prepared and confident!


Engineering Club

Register Online

1st Tuesday of the Month | 6:30 to 7:30 PM | Ages 7 to 11 

Come on out and dive deep into exciting engineering projects with us! Learn how common everyday items found in your home can be used to understand basic scientific principles used by engineers.



TinkerCAD Contest

This Season's Challenge: Make something… to ORGANIZE IT!

Need a pencil holder? Design it! Need a container for little objects and treasures? Design your own! Submit your best TinkerCAD 3D design to us for a chance to get it printed on our MakerBot.


  • Sign up for TinkerCAD at (it’s free!)
  • Make your most awesomest design ever
  • Submit your design to our Maker Crew
  • The best design for the Kids, Teens, and Adults categories will get their design printed with our MakerBot Pro!

Starts: December 8, 2020

Deadline: February 28, 2021

Submit your design to: 

Checklist of a print:

  • Made in TinkerCAD: Original design and not copyrighted
  • No bigger than 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
  • If sliced the max print time is 6 hours (our TAs will slice)


  • Keep on theme
  • Have at least 2 cm of surface area touching the build plate
  • Have thinnest part of your design more than 2 mm thick

As usual:

  • No weapons
  • Family friendly
  • Made with PLA
  • Printed in a single colour
  • The print slicer and printer will be Makerbot

New to TinkerCAD? Watch our demonstration of 3D Modeling Basics on YouTube:


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