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We have great collections where you can find eAudiobooks to download or listen to online.


Link to ORL eBooks CollectionGo to ORL eBooks

Our most popular and largest collection, discover thousands of eAudiobooks to enjoy. 

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Listen to over a hundred eAudiobooks that play on the internet browser of your computer or tablet. The eAudiobooks in these two collections are great for kids and teens. 

Go to TeenBookCloud

TeenBookCloud features books for tweens and teens in middle and high school (and have a lot of titles found in language arts curriculum). Many of the titles can be enjoyed by adult audiences, too, as it can be a great way to consume the classics of literature.To find the eAudiobooks, click on the Audio Books tab.


Go to TumbleBookCloud Junior

TumbleBookCloud Junior features books that are fun for kids that are in grade three to six. To find the eAudiobooks in TumbleBookCloud Junior, click on the “audio books” link found underneath the Our Collection heading. 

No need to check-out the book or download extra software. After choosing a book, just hit the Listen Online button to start the book right away. All books in these collections are always available – you just need an internet connection to listen to the book.