Digitization Stations

Digitization Stations

Description & Location

Preserve your memories by digitizing your old photographs, slides, negatives, video tapes, vinyl records or tape cassettes with our digitization equipment.

Available at Golden Branch, Westside Learning Lab & Downtown Kelowna Library Branch.


Getting Started

The Digitization Stations are available for all ORL library cardholders to use.

You must agree and adhere to ORL’s Makerspace Guidelines and the Maker Agreement.

You are responsible for bringing your own USB personal storage device (USB stick/thumb drive) to save your work. 


Reserve a Digitization Station

Browse and reserve our maker stations and tools

Online reservation is available for maker station at the Westside Learning Lab & the Downtown Kelowna Branch.

Please contact Golden Branch to book maker stations and tools at that location.


Equipment Available*

If you’re digitizing….

You will be using...

Photographs, Photo Negatives, Slides 35mm

Epson Perfection V800 flat-bed scanner

Audio cassette tapes

Ion Tape-2-PC cassette player

Vinyl (33, 45, and 78)

Ion Max Turntable Record Player (33, 45 & 78 compatible)

Camcorder tapes — Digital 8, Hi8, 8mm, MiniDV

Elgato Video Capture RCA to USB adapter

Note: You will need to supply your own Digital 8 / Hi8 / 8mm camcorder or player, power and A/V cords

VHS video tapes (NTSC/Region 1)

VCR Player

Elgato Video Capture RCA to USB adapter

*Equipment may vary by library branch.



Help and Training

Staff may be available for troubleshooting during your booked session with a digitization station, but it is expected you will use the equipment and software you need for your project and work independently. 

View our Digitization Guides (in PDF): 


Policies & Guidelines

When using an ORL Makerspace, please follow these rules (PDFs):


To use an ORL Makerspace independently, all makers must:

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