For Local or Self-Published Authors

Okanagan Regional Library will consider purchasing works by self-published or local authors and creators. 

Preference is given when:

  • The work has been reviewed in a professional and objective review source (library review journals such as Publishers Weekly or Booklist) or has received media attention.
  • The creator has promotional material (website, pamphlets, etc.) with reviews and a description of the work. This is preferred over sending a sample copy of the work.
  • The book has an ISBN and includes other publication information such as place of publication, publisher, publication date, and copyright information.
  • The work is available from one of our book/media vendors. This includes eBook/eAudio vendors such as OverDrive.
  • Hardcover Picture Books are preferred to paperback/softcover for our youngest readers.

Inclusion of the work in our collection is subject to the Selection Policy in the Materials section of our Board Policy and Regulations.  

Questions for Authors to Consider

How will readers know about my book?

What publicity are you doing to let people know about your book? 

Will potential readers be able to discover your book through traditional media (newspaper article, radio, etc) or social media?   

Creators have a crucial responsibility to promote their works, and while the library can highlight local and self-published works through booklists and displays, if people don’t know about your book, they aren’t going to ask for it or seek it out.

How can I get my book reviewed?

Here are some suggestions on how creators can get their works reviewed

The Indie Author's Guide to Free Reviews (Publishers Weekly)

Get Reviewed (Booklist Online)

Quill & Quire FAQs


If the library decides to purchase and add a work to the collection:

  • It will be purchased through a library vendor or creators will receive a purchase order from the library and can invoice the library for the order.   

Donated works:

  • Any sample copies of the work sent to the library become the property of the library and will not be returned to the creator. 
  • Tax receipts are also not issued for donated works. 
  • A minimum of two copies are required for inclusion in the collection. 

Promotional materials can be directed to the Head of Collection Development or the Head of Youth Services, go to Contact Us for contact information.   

Library staff will not reply to phone or email solicitations, unless asking for more information about the work, or with ordering/invoicing questions.