Dares & Challenges

The Library dares you!

We dare you to ... participate! We dare you to ...become involved! We dare you to ... to do something you normally wouldn't do!


  • Fall Teen Challenge #1: Decorate a book-inspired pumpkin!

    by Library Staff | Oct 19, 2020
    Pumpkin carved into a jack-o
    Hey Teens, do you have a favorite book character? Or a book cover? Decorate a book-inspired pumpkin!
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  • Braided Leather Bracelet

    by Library Staff | Aug 24, 2020
    Create your own unique bracelet that you will wear for years. Use a few leather strings, to design a timeless creation. Experiment with different leathers, colours, number of strings and different designs.
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  • Tetris Magnets

    by Library Staff | Aug 17, 2020
    Do you love to play Tetris? Do you know someone who does? These Tetris Magnets are quick, easy and fun to make! You can use them at home, at school, or just play with them.
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  • DIY Galaxy Jar

    by Library Staff | Aug 10, 2020
    Using a simple mason jar, you can create your very own galaxy!
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  • Be a Lie Detector

    by Library Staff | Aug 03, 2020
    Hey teens, you are smart enough to spot fake news and stop the spread of misinformation. Here's how...
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  • Time to Bake

    by Library Staff | Jul 27, 2020
    For the next teen challenge, choose what you would like to make: a batch of Fudge or Decorated Cupcakes.
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  • Popsicle Stick Bracelets

    by Library Staff | Jul 20, 2020
    Hey teens, try out this fun decoupage, jewelry craft, and create DIY bracelets are easy to make and fun to personalize.
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  • Creating Playlists

    by Library Staff | Jul 13, 2020
    Hey teens, share your taste by suggesting music and books on the library catalogue website. Make a list of CDs and/or a list of books that you think go well together.
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  • Zines: Create and Share Your Own Mini Magazine

    by Library Staff | Jul 06, 2020
    Interested in Zines? Learn how to create and share your own mini magazine.
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  • Stop Motion Animation Challenge

    by Library Staff | Jun 30, 2020
    Have you always wanted to make your own short videos? The ORL has you covered! Learn how to use the Stop Motion app to make your very own Stop Motion Video!
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  • Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

    by Library Staff | Jun 24, 2020
    Two characters building a vertical puzzle
    Show us your puzzle skills by posting a picture of any puzzles you have completed. How many puzzles can you finish during the summer? All ages welcome to participate
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  • Be the Book

    by Library Staff | Jun 17, 2020
    Pick any book and try to imitate and take a photo of yourself or your surroundings to make your own version of it. It can be completely ridiculous with cardboard mustaches, toilet paper wigs and blanket dresses or it can be a serious work of art.
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  • Book Spine Poetry Challenge for Teens

    by Library Staff | May 05, 2020
    Create poetry using the titles of books found in your home.
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