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Zines: Create and Share Your Own Mini Magazine

by Library Staff | Jul 06, 2020

Hey teens, create and share your own zine.

Choose a subject that inspires you.  There are many kinds of zines. For example...

  • Fandom: share fan art, stories or trivia inspired by something you love (can be books, movies, music, TV, games…)
  • Social issues: write about causes you care about. Human rights? Equality? Animal welfare? Environmentalism? Get excited about your cause
  • Art: draw cartoons or comics, write poetry, share craft ideas
  • News: report on current events. What’s happening in your community?
  • Encouragement: how can you spread joy and hope with people who are isolated right now?



  • Use the template provided - Eight Page Mini Zine Template [PDF]
  • Partner with a friend. Maybe one person is a good writer and the other is a good artist.
  • Choose a topic you love to make this fun
  • Fact check information so you aren’t spreading something that isn’t true
  • Ask your friends to make one too so you can read theirs and discuss what you have all made



  • Letter size paper (11 x 8.5)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers, pencil crayons, colored pens, paint
  • Assorted items of your choice - Washi tape, magazine clippings, fabric, colored paper



  • E-mail to sthoreson@orl.bc.ca
  • Add a photo of it to the library’s Facebook event
  • Share on your own social media with your friends
  • Mail to friends, family or people you believe it could inspire


Check out these links out for more inspiration: