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Your New Online Experience is Here!

by ORL Marketing | Sep 26, 2016

Your New Online Experience has been up for a few days and here are answers to some common questions, and a few other notes...


Lists created in the former Catalogue

The lists you have created in the former Catalogue will remain there. Login in to your account in the former Catalogue at http://ipac.orl.bc.ca/polaris/logon.aspx to view those lists. You can print, save or email the lists to keep a record for yourself.


Logging Out

Having trouble finding the log out button on the new Catalogue? When you are logged in, click on your username in the upper right hand corner to expand the menu. The Log Out link is the first option in the menu. 


Creating a Username

You will be directed to register your library card and create a username the first time you sign in to the new Catalogue to place holds, renew items, or manage your library account.

You’ll want to create a username that doesn’t personally identify you (e.g., don’t use your name, birthday, or your email address). 

Please be aware that usernames created in the former Catalogue, http://ipac.orl.bc.ca, might not be able to be used for the new Catalogue.

Because the new BiblioCommons Catalogue is also used by libraries all over the world, you won’t be able to use a username if it is already in use by a customer from another library system.

After you have registered a username, you can choose to sign in to the new Catalogue with that, or your library card number – your choice.

Find out more about signing in to the new Catalogue for the first time


Reading History

Your Reading History in the new Catalogue is called Borrowing History. You may need to enable it in the new Catalogue by signing in to to My Settings at the following link, https://orl.bibliocommons.com/account/personal_information, and clicking on the Privacy option.

Your Borrowing History will always be kept private to you.


Privacy settings

You can manage other Privacy Settings from this page, too, such as for your Completed, In Progress and For Later Shelves, to share as much or as little as you like!

By default, items added to your Completed, In Progress and For Later Shelves are public, meaning other library patrons can see them if they click on your username.

If you’d prefer these Shelves to be private, simply click on the appropriate checkboxes in the My Collections space on your Privacy Settings page in the new Catalogue.

You can learn more about managing My Settings at http://help.bibliocommons.com/040settings.