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Your access to eBooks is at risk

by ORL Marketing | Nov 01, 2019
Support your library by signing the petition today, in which the ORL is joining other libraries across the USA and Canada, to demand that access to new titles will not be restricted. 

Public Libraries are facing a battle with Macmillan Publishing to ensure access for all communities to eBook materials.

 Macmillan Publishing, one of the big five publishers, is significantly limiting the availability and quantity of eBooks to all libraries. Because of this change, implemented November 1st, ORL will be allowed only one copy of an eBook to serve our population of 400,000 people for the first two months. This means much longer wait times for eBooks from authors you love, such as Nora Roberts, Jeffrey Archer, Liane Moriarty and many more.  This is in addition to the very high pricing we are already paying in comparison to printed materials.
This change will create a barrier for customers who cannot afford to purchase digital content, and for those who rely on their public library for accessing digital information. This particularly impacts people with visual or learning disabilities who may use or rely on eBooks for the ease of changing the font size. Macmillan’s new model for eBook lending will make it difficult for libraries to fulfill our central mission of ensuring access for all.
Thank you for continuing to support Okanagan Regional Library. We will continue to stand up for your right to access information in all forms, including newly released eBooks. 
Don Nettleton, Chief Executive Officer
Okanagan Regional Library