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  • Giraffes Reading

    One Hundred Books to Read Together Before Kindergarten

    A wonderful way to make sure your child enjoys some of the best children’s books available at the library!
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    Kelowna Inspiration Pass

    Learn how library members can reserve a pass to get discounts and special offers at some of Kelowna’s premier arts and culture organizations!
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  • Wanderlust
    • Read

    Stepping Out for a Walk

    ORL Recommends
  • Beach Boys Party
    Beach Boys Party
    • Listen

    Songs of the Summer

    ORL Recommends
  • Ice Cream Mix-ins
    Ice Cream Mix-ins
    • Read

    Let's All Have Ice Cream!

    ORL Recommends
  • Camp So And So
    Camp So And So
    • Teens

    Hot Summer Reads for Teens

    ORL Recommends
  • Pacific
    • Listen

    Audiobooks for Armchair Travellers

    ORL Recommends
  • Movies
    • Watch

    Canadian Documentaries and Films

    ORL Recommends
  • Spy Camp
    Spy Camp
    • Kids

    Walk on the Wild Side Summer Reading Club Picks

    ORL Recommends