Borrowing digital books from the catalogue

Did you know? You can borrow digital books right from the Catalogue! 

You can borrow and download digital books from the ORL eBooks collection right from the ORL Catalogue. That’s right! Browse for your print and digital reading materials from one place!


Getting Started

If you are already used to borrowing from the ORL eBooks collection, then you are ready to start borrowing and downloading from the Catalogue!

Jump down to learn how to find digital books in the Catalogue.


Are you new to borrowing digital books? Here is what you need to get started:

1. A library card in good standing. E.g., It is not expired, there are under $ 20.00 in fees.

2. An app or program to which to download the digital title:
Are you downloading eBooks and eAudiobooks to a tablet or smartphone?
You will need either the new Libby App (learn more at, or the original OverDrive App (learn more at, both free from your app store.

Are you downloading eAudiobooks to a computer to transfer to an iPod or MP3 Player?
You will need the OverDrive desktop app for Windows computers or Mac computers (macOS 10.6-Snow Leopard through 10.14-Mojave only). Get it free from the following link,

Are you downloading eBooks to a computer to transfer to an eReader?
You will need Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). Get it from the following link,

It is recommended that you install these apps before you try to download digital books from the catalogue or the ORL eBooks website.

3. If you are downloading eBooks, you will also need an OverDrive Account to authorize Adobe Digital Editions &/or the OverDrive App.

  • You should authorize the OverDrive App or Adobe Digital Editions prior to checking out and downloading eBooks.
  • If you want to read eBooks on multiple devices (up to six). You must authorize them with the same OverDrive Account.
  • The account permits you to open the borrowed eBooks on your computer and transfer them to your eReader, or open them on multiple computers or mobile devices.  


3.1 Creating an OverDrive Account

Go to to create an OverDrive account.

Click on Sign up. Go to Enter your details and enter your name, email address, and create a password.

Click Sign Up. Verify the OverDrive Account from your email.


3.2 Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions (if you are using an eReader)

In ADE, click Help, then Authorize Computer.

Open the eBook vendor menu, and select OverDrive.

For Vendor Login ID: enter the email used for your OverDrive account. For the Vendor Password: enter password used for your OverDrive account. Click on Authorize  

Your computer and eReader must be authorized using the same ID. Connect your eReader to the computer. In ADE, find your eReader under Devices, click on the gear icon, select Authorize Device. 

Learn about other ways to authorize ADE from OverDrive Help


3.3 Authorizing the OverDrive App (if you are using a tablet or smartphone)

When you first open the OverDrive app, you will be prompted to create or sign in with an OverDrive Account.

Tap Sign In. Go to Enter your details. Enter the email address and password used for the OverDrive Account. Tap Sign In


Okay, you are ready to go!

Finding digital books in the ORL Catalogue

There are many ways to do it! Here are two:

In the Catalogue,

You can add the format ebooks, or downloadable audiobooks, to any search terms in the search box to retrieve quickly list of digital books.

Or, after completing any search, use the filters on the left side of the screen to narrow down options. Under the Format label, check the boxes for eBook or Downloadable Audiobook. If your computer screen is smaller or you are on a smartphone or tablet, you may see a red button labelled Filter with a funnel icon, click or tap on it to see options to narrow down your lists of search results.



Checking out your digital book from the Catalogue

To see if a title is available to borrow when you are viewing the list of search results, you may need to select the Check Availability link.

If it says Available, click on the Checkout Now button to borrow it.

A window will open to show you the available formats it is in. Click Checkout Now button to complete the checkout.

You can download it now or download it from your account in the Catalogue later.

Are you using the Libby App? After checking out the book, the digital book will appear on the app's Shelf without any need to download the book from the catalogue. 


Downloading your digital title right away!

If you want to download it now, click on the Pick a format to download link.

Select the format you want to download.


A note about formats

  • Adobe PDFs or Open PDFs can be read on eReaders and computers only.
  • Adobe EPUB or Open EPUB formats can be read on eReaders, computers, and tablets/smartphones
  • OverDrive Read or Listen Formats can be enjoyed on an internet browser.
  • MP3 formats can be listened to on MP3 players/iPods, Windows computers, Mac computers (running Snow Leopard through Mojave) and tablets/smartphones

Open EPUB or Open PDF formatted eBooks cannot be returned early.

After you select your format, A Start download message will appear, click on the word download to begin the process.

If the title is an eBook, it will open in ADE if you are on a computer, or the OverDrive App if you are on a tablet or smartphone.

If the title is an eAudiobook, it will open in the OverDrive desktop program if you are on a computer, or OverDrive App if you are on a tablet or smartphone.

Please note that the app or program must already be installed or your device. You may be prompted to select the app or program to which to download the eBook or eAudiobook.


Downloading your digital book from your library account

If you want to download the digital book at a later time, you can do so from your Checked Out page in the Catalogue. 

Tap on the Download link listed underneath the due date for the book. If you don’t see the Download link, you will need to tap on the icon with the three dots found at the lower right corner of the book’s information box, to open a drop down menu with the Download option listed.

After you tap on the Download link, the book should open in the appropriate app. You may be prompted to select the app or program to which to download the eBook or eAudiobook.


Placing digital books on hold

If after searching for a digital book, you find it is out on loan, you can place a hold right from the catalogue. 

Click Request this Download.

If needed, enter your email address in the form, and click Place Hold.

A Hold requested message will appear. Your digital book will be automatically checked out to you when it becomes available. 


Renewing your digital book

You may renew your digital book, if there are no requests on the title.

It cannot be renewed in the Checked Out page of your account on the Catalogue. (You will see a Cannot Renew message, it appears whether or not there is a waitlist for the digital book).  

Renewals are completed from the ORL eBooks website, The renewal option will become available next to the cover image of the borrowed title on the Loans page of your account on the ORL eBooks website 3 days before the title is due.

Learn more from OverDrive Help


Returning digital books early

While digital books will automatically be returned at the end of their loan period, you are welcome to return them early!

From your Checked out page in the Catalogue, look for the Return link listed underneath the Download button for your digital book.

Click or tap on the Return link, a message will appear at the bottom of the screen to tell you that your books has been successfully returned. 






Need any further help?

Visit and click on Getting Started to find more detailed instructions for borrowing, listening to, and returning eAudiobooks.

Or, get in touch with the ORL...

Visit your nearest library branch.

Call the toll-free eBook Help Line: 1-855-853-2665.


Email, in your email, please include:

any error message you’ve received

your ORL library card number

the title(s) of the book(s) you are attempting to download

the type of media player or eReading device you are using

your computer’s operating system

indicate you are using the ORL eBooks collection 


Please note that if your ORL card has expired or you have outstanding late fees of $20.00 or more, you'll be unable to borrow from this collection. Please visit your library branch to re-activate your card.