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Fall Teen Challenge #1: Decorate a book-inspired pumpkin!

by Library Staff | Oct 19, 2020
Pumpkin carved into a jack-o

Do you have a favorite book character? Or a book cover? Decorate a book-inspired pumpkin!

Ways to make it book related:

  • A character’s face
  • A scene from a book
  • Turn it into a book cover
  • Use the art style of a picture book or comic book

Methods you could use:

  • Carve it
  • Paint it
  • Add props (like a hat or glasses)


  • Your friends and family to also decorate a book inspired pumpkin! Who was the most creative?


  • Email pictures to contest@orl.bc.ca
  • Post a photo to the library’s Facebook event
  • Share on your own social media with your friends