With library membership, you have unlimited access to over 7,000 films, including festival hits from Sundance, Cannes, and Tribeca, as well as shorts and documentaries from around the world.


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Watch Tutorial


Step 1

Visit IndieFlix.

Step 2

Have an RBdigital Account from using the RBdigital Magazines or Books collections?

Select Browse Films, enter your RBdigital Account username and password, and select Log in. Go to Step 3. 

New to IndieFlix? Create an RBdigital Account. 

Select Create New Account

Enter your library barcode number to validate it.

Then enter your name, email address, create a password and select Create Account.

Remember the email address and password that you use. They will be used to log in to the IndieFlix, RBdigital Magazines, and RBdigital Books collections from now on.

When you log in for the first time, you may see a message prompting you to enter a new password. You can enter the same password as your RBdigital Account. 


Step 3

Search or Browse for Movies.

Step 4

Click or tap on a movie tile, then select Play to watch your movie!



The movies play directly on your browser through the internet, on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

To enjoy the movies, it is suggested that you use the most up to date versions of one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

A Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended. 

Please be aware that there may be a few movies featured in the IndieFlix collection that are not available to watch in Canada due to their rights and distribution licences. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 



Need Further Help?

Check out the Help page available on the IndieFlix website. Please note that some information (e.g. Subscribing, Account Settings) is for customers that pay for their own IndieFlix subscriptions and does not apply to library patrons.

Get in touch with the ORL:

Call us at 1-844-649-8127.


Email, in your email please include any error message you’ve received, type of operating system you are on, and the type of device you are using (e.g. tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac).