Enjoying Digital Books on Tablets or Smartphones

Create an RBdigital Account

Step 1: Visit the ORL's RBdigital collection

Step 2: Click on the Register link in the upper right corner. 
Enter the requested information, create a username and a password, and click register. 

You can also use this account to sign in and use the ORL's RBdigital Magazines and InstantFlix eMovies collections! 

Do you already have an account for using the RBdigital Magazines and/or InstantFlix collections? You can sign in that account and skip this account creation step. 


Will you be enjoying the eAudiobook or eBook a smartphone or tablet?

Downloading the RBdigitial App

Download the free RBdigital App from your app store to your tablet or smartphone. 

The RBdigital App is available for...

  • iPads and iPhones running iOS 9.0 or newer
  • Android smartphones and tablets running Android OS 4.1 and newer

Once you have downloaded the RBdigital App to your smartphone or tablet, you will be asked complete a quick sign-in process.


Signing in to the RBdigital App

After you have downloaded and opened the RBdigital App, you will be prompted to sign in.

Tap Choose Country, select Canada from the menu.

In the Login box, enter the username you are using for your RBdigital Account and tap Next.

In the Password box, enter the password you are using for your RBdigital Account and tap Next.

You will brought to the Home screen of the app, where you can see all of the digital books and magazines available in the ORL's RBdigital collections. 



Finding digital books on the RBdigital App

There are two options...

1) From the Home screen of the app, you will see digital books and magazines listed by format. Swipe through the featured titles, or tap View All in the bottom right corner of the format box to see what is available in the format you want. 

2) Tap on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the app screen to slide out the menu and tap AUDIOBOOKS or EBOOKS. 

When viewing the format you want, tap Filter to search for digital books by Name of the title or author, or to select a Genre or Audience to browse. 


Checking out a digital book

When you find a digital book you want to borrow, you can...

  • Tap the Checkout button underneath the cover image.
  • or tap on the cover image to view the book's details and summary and to select your checkout period (you can choose up to 21 days), then tap the Checkout button from here.  

After tapping on Checkout, the button will turn into a Play or Read button. Tap the Play or Read button, to open and download your book right away.

Or, tap the Back button in the top left corner of the screen to continue browsing. 

You can check out up to 10 digital books at a time. 


Finding and enjoying your borrowed books

To see what books you have checked out, tap on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the app screen to slide out the menu.

Tap Checked Out

Your books should appear under the AUDIOBOOKS or EBOOKS  label.

Tap on the Play, Read, or Download buttons underneath cover image of the digital to start or continue enjoying the borrowed book. 


eAudiobook Settings

Settings for eAudiobooks, such as Playback speedAdd Bookmark, Chapter List, Sleep Timer ca nbe accessed in the lower part of the screen when the book is playing. 

eBook Settings 

To bookmark your place, tap the yellow ribbon in the upper right hand corner of the app screen.  To find your list of bookmarks, tap on the three-line menu on the top right of the screen when the eBook is open, then tap on the Bookmarks heading.

Tap on the Gear wheel icon to change the eBook reading settings for layout, text size and font and themes for changing background or text colour.


To get back to the RBdigital App home screen after enjoying a book, tap the Back button in the top left corner. 


Renewals and Returns

Tap on the three-line menu icon ≡ in the top left corner of the app screen to slide out the menu.

Tap Checked Out

Tap of the cover image of the digital book you would like to return or renew.

On the next screen, tap on the the Return or Renew buttons. 

Digital books will also automatically be returned at the end of their loan period. Digital books can be renewed twice. 


More than digital books!

The RBdigital App can also be used to enjoy digital magazines from the RBdigital Magazines collection. Learn how to get started with eMagazines


Need further help?

These are general instructions to get you started. The steps described may differ slightly for the computer or mobile device you are using.

The RBdigital website has a comprehensive Help section, where you can find  video tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions about using the collection, and a support request form to get help from RBdigital.


Or, get in touch with the ORL:

Visit your nearest library branch.

Email info@orl.bc.ca, in your email, please include:

  • any error message you’ve received
  • your ORL library card number
  • the title(s) of the book(s) you are attempting to download
  • the type of smartphone, tablet, media player, or eReading device you are using
  • your computer’s operating system
  • indicate you are using the RBdigital collection